What Will Happen to the American Economy if a Business Mogul is Put in Charge?

A historical fact that many American voters are not aware of – The last president who was a trade protectionist was Republican Herbert Hoover. If you know anything about American history, then you know that his views on foreign trade are believed to be one  of the catalysts that threw the country, and the entire world, into a financial depression that lasted over ten years. The 2008 sub prime mortgage is peanuts compared to that mess.

Yet, we have a business mogul who has his eye on the Republican presidential candidacy who also has the same views on international trade relations that Hoover did, and someone needs to start handing out history books quick before Donald Trump has his way.

Not only is Trump full on anti-immigration – which does nothing but hurt growth and alienate ethnic voters – he is anti trade. Most recently, he has announced that if voted president, he would prohibit (that’s right, PROHIBIT) any American company from building plants in Mexico. So basically he is giving the Mexican people even more reason to need to immigrate to the US. He also moans that China is eating the US for lunch and sucking its blood like a tick.

What Trump, like Hoover, fail to realize is that open trade with foreign countries forces the US business to strive to be better. To work harder at creating better products. In a nutshell, it encourages competition, and competition in manufacturing is what helps to keep prices in check.

Take a product like the Japanese konjac sponge or any other beauty product as an example. If Trump were to cease to allow imports of the konjac, then American companies who distribute it would be able to create a monopoly on them. Even a fifth grader knows that monopolies are not good for the economy. They are good for the business owner who has that monopoly on konjac sponges, since he can charge whatever he pleases, but it is the middle class that suffers.


Now we are all for a conservative America with better laws and policies but Trump’s way is not the right way if you know anything at all about economics. What we need are strategic tax cuts and regulatory relief from the anti-big business decisions made by Obama. This is the key to unlocking the deficit in American business competitive deficit, not trade and immigration barriers.

Trump’s over zealous pro business policies will not allow America to grow the way it should. Instead, it will put us in a position where more of our voters are alienated as they are thrust into poverty by a increased cost of living.

How Can Government Better Preserve out Oceans

As large corporations are responsible for huge oil spills that have damaged the oceans and brought irreversible consequences to many marine ecosystems, it seems like there needs to be stronger policies to protect the oceans.† Environmental groups do their best at adding pressure to the government in an attempt to let their voices be heard.† But more needs to be done.

The truth is that governments are placed to protect their people, to serve them, and to provide a peaceful place for us to live.† This, of course, means that the government is the entity in charge of protecting our natural resources, the oceans in this case.

What are some suggested ways in which the government should be protecting our oceans?† Let¥s discuss some of them:Underwater Reef

Regulate usage of marine waters

This refers to passing on regulations regarding the use of marine waters for boating, diving, or snorkeling.† Too many people seem to lack a sense of preservation when it comes to using the waters for recreational activities since they leave a streak of pollution behind them.† Better policies represent better protection of marine life by irresponsible boat-travelers.

Pass on bills to prevent ocean pollution

All kinds of bills that prevent littering into the oceans are to be passed on.† There has been too many disastrous consequences of ocean littering.

Establish well-studied fishing seasons

Demand on sea food, fish, and other forms of marine life for culinary purposes mostly has greatly increased. †This means that the oceans are being rapidly depleted from marine life, with the consequence of altering the marine food web.† This brings serious consequences to the balance of the ecosystem within our oceans.† Not only are more marine fauna being caught but this hunting has become rather irrational, as the recent case of a hammerhead that was caught by a fisherman, killing her 34 babies in the process.

Protect endangered species

It is necessary for Government to protect endangered species that are not protected by law yet.† Especially since they are being depredated by fishermen with no regards for marine life.

Create governmental institutions to prevent and protect

The creation of governmental institutions to protect the ocean guarantees that trespassers will be punished with all the weight of the law.† NGOs across time have made their best efforts to protect the oceans in the measure of their possibilities.† However, governmental institution have the authority to better enforce protection policies.

Educate the population

This is probably the most important aspect to cover in order to protect our oceans.† Bills and laws can be passed on to protect the environment, but if the population is not educated on how they should manage themselves to better protect the oceans, it becomes futile work.† Therefore, there must be official mandates to provide education to our children through school systems on protection the oceans.

We all love the beach and going in adventures into the seas. But we also should be responsible in preserving these beautiful ecosystems. We want to always have a nice place to go and take a good snorkeling vacation, after all.

Is Southern America Still Getting a Bad Rap?

I recently stumbled across a thread on Facebook that made my blood boil. People taking jabs at what they were calling rednecks, and our seemingly backwards way of living. As a South Carolina native and resident, that word does not sit well with me, and is just as derogatory as the “N” word. Yet, here were hundreds of likes and shares poking fun at a culture that few can understand.

What Constitutes Southern America?

The southern United States is comprised of a number of states starting at North Carolina, through south Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. It also heads westward, including Alabama and Texas, yet for some reason the stigma jumps over Mississippi and Louisiana. These are the states most often referred to when another American points a finger and says redneck.

What Does a Redneck Really Look Like?

The term redneck comes from a time when the average Southern American man spent his days minding his crops. He would wear a shirt of course, but his neck was constantly red from the sun, hence the term. To me, that would be a stand-up way for a man to be making a living, and not really fodder for ridicule, but that’s just me.


The term today seems to refer to a group of people who tote shotguns, drink cheap beer and live in trailers. Now I am sure that there are similar people occupying the northern states, but since these are found in the dreaded south, where a man is not afraid to defend his rights he is ridiculed.

This negativity towards Southern America seems to have gotten worse since certain shows have aired. Most families I know do not behave the way Honey Boo Boo’s does, and every bearded man I know would not be caught dead without first putting on his beard balm. Those boys from Duck Dynasty have done a number on the world’s impression of our culture, and should be made to shave their ungroomed beards as punishment.

To Change the Impression

I don’t appreciate being considered to be ignorant just because of where I happened to be born. Sure my drawl is slow and deliberate, but have you ever heard a New Yorker talk? Now that’s a lesson in bad accents. We shouldn’t change our culture in order to reverse the stigma of being southern, but we can represent ourselves in a better manner. It is in our actions that many still believe that the south is backwards.

I am proud of my heritage and want my kids to be proud to. I am building a legacy in my Southern home, with its wide porches and white picket fences. Join me in throwing the stereotypes aside, and allowing the world to see us as a small sector of the country rich in culture and intelligence.

Should there be Harsher Laws of Controlling the Use of Pellet Guns?

Whether it’s a firearm or a pellet gun (also known as air rifle), there is always an issue about the laws surrounding them. Different countries or states have different laws. Some have stricter gun regulations while some allow for a moderate degree of access.

Pellet Gun Laws

When it comes to pellet guns, there are more lenient laws regarding them because they are potentially less dangerous than their real counterparts. Generally, the law states that a pellet gun or an air rifle cannot be purchased by individuals below 18 years old. However, you can borrow or received one as a gift if you are above 14 years old. For children below the age of 14, they can still shoot a pellet gun on the premise that they are under a strict supervision of an adult. Besides these regulations, there are still various laws about pellet guns, they are quite complex depending on the state you live in. As an emphasis, it is essential for anyone to fully understand the legal status surrounding these guns.

To know more about pellet gun laws, watch the video below

Pellet Guns Made More Dangerous

Because of technology, some of the pellet guns are made more powerful and far more advanced. In fact, the most powerful pellet gun can shoot a pellet that can be quite dangerous and lethal. In addition, air rifles are made to look so real that you or even the law enforcement officers cannot determine whether it is a real weapon or not, unless it is fired. So, the question still stands – should there be harsher laws for controlling the use of pellet guns?

As with any weapon, a pellet gun is potentially dangerous and can cause serious injury if not utilized appropriately. It is heartbreaking to read about their use in criminal acts. But if you digest these reports accurately, you will understand that a pellet gun or guns in general don’t hurt or kill people – people kill people.

No matter how the government imposes harsher laws regarding the use and ownership of pellet guns, it won’t affect much on the peace and order of society, not unless the public is educated about the whole concept of these types of guns. Besides, not all people are criminals or crazy enough to do such violence. In fact, the majority are still law abiding citizens who are responsible enough to know why, how and when to use a pellet gun.

Why I Support Gun Rights

One of the most controversial topics in this country is the issue of gun control, also referred to as gun rights; depending on which side of the debate you fall. Those that favor stricter gun control will argue that the 2nd Amendment that guarantees a citizen’s right to bear arms is obsolete, and with the increase in senseless violence and murders committed with guns in recent years, the argument for more gun control is strong and gaining steam. However, I disagree, and this is why I support gun rights. There are many different reasons, but the main one is that I’m an avid hunter and previous generations of my family got almost all their food from hunting. I dont get out as much as I’d like now, but I read up on hunting at sites like Hunterinsight.com – which is one of my favorites. It’s unfortunate that only some hunters are getting this level of scrutiny. Bow hunters are being left out of the debate, and while they may not mind, I’m sure they’d like their say on some corollary issues


For starters, altering something that’s set in place by the Bill of Rights would be a dangerous and downright scary precedent to make. People abuse freedom of speech by saying things that are untrue, people abuse freedom of assembly by rioting and destroying property, and people abuse freedom of religion by bringing harm to others in their name of a god, but there’s never any inclination to take any of these rights away. People do abuse the right to bear arms by possessing dangerous weapons and using them for activities other than their intended purpose, but that doesn’t mean the right to possess them should be taken away. Those who abuse their rights should be justly punished, and more should be done to prevent people from abusing their rights, but the rights can’t be taken away completely. Altering the Constitution to the extent of taking away gun rights opens the door to someday take away other rights like speech, assembly, and religion, and that’s a slippery slope that we, as a society, can’t go down. (See the bill of rights)

I also believe that taking away gun rights will harm law-abiding citizens more than it will prevent criminals with ill intentions from getting their hands on weapons. Just as drug addicts always seem to find a way to get their hands on their drug of choice, those who wish to commit injustices with firearms will find a way to get their hands on what they want. Despite strict laws and trained law enforcement personnel, drug dealers find a way to get their supply of illegal narcotics and get innocent people hooked on dangerous substances. A ban on guns would work much the same way. Arms dealers (like basil zarhoff) will find a way to get illegal contraband and give it to those who wish to harm innocent people. In the end, the people who will be without guns will be the people who would have used them responsibly anyway, not those who abuse their rights, essentially punishing those who know how to act responsibly and treat guns with respect.

Finally, for better or worse, guns are a part of our society, and removing them would just cause more chaos than it’s worth. Much like prohibition many decades ago, outlawing a person’s right to firearms would only enrage gun owners and make them more obstinate to giving up their weapons. Prohibition did nothing to remove alcohol from our society, it only took it behind closed doors to secretive locations, and the result would be similar with gun control, as there would only be a false sense that guns were no longer a part of our society. The best we can do is to do our best to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of people who will abuse their rights, not take away gun rights from everybody.


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A Look at Local Regulations and Rules That Affect Your Vacation Time

Summer is just around the corner, and with the kids out from school, families will be looking towards ways of keeping them entertained. Day trips and vacations are a great way to stay close with your kids, learn how their lives are going and what their dreams for the future are. Before heading out the beach or to a campsite, you should note that all public land is ruled by local laws, state laws or federal laws.

You may consider it a nuisance to be charged for access to a local beach, or wonder why you just can’t pitch a family tent anywhere in a state park if you are paying state taxes, but the rules are put into place for very specific reasons. Fees are charged in order to help maintain public parks, beaches and campgrounds. Without that money, they could not pay for the people working there or the amenities that are provided. Some tax money is allocated towards this, but the fees are in place to ensure that it is the people who frequent these areas are paying more than their fair share.


The rules set up in place are also all for good reason, despite the inconvenience you might think they cause. For example, inside of a national forest you may not leave your 6-8 person family tent unattended for more than a 24 hour time period. This is a safety precaution to alert rangers that someone or group may have gotten lost or hurt. By checking in to your tent and letting them know you are safe, you are making sure that the ranger’s attention is focused on more important matters.

This may seem trivial to you, but if you and your family did decide to ditch the family tent for a night and head out into the bushes with nothing but sleeping bags, you are exposing yourselves to a number of risks. You might feel comfortable though and decide to really rough it for one more night. Meanwhile the rangers are back at your site concerned about the empty family tent. Resources will be spent in the form of both time and money to try and locate you, even though your family is just having fun roasting marshmallows around a fire in the deep wilderness. To avoid that waste in resources, federal parks mandate that users have to make an appearance at their site at least once every 24 hours.

These types of local laws are not one you will have a chance to vote on or are even up for debate. They have been in place for generations in order to keep these important vacation areas safe and well maintained. The best thing that you could do, is utilize them as often as possible to ensure that these places can continue to be a favorite spot for families for generations to come.

Prenatal Care Under Obama Care – How Much is Necessary?

There has been a lot of debate over medical insurance since the launch of Barack Obama’s universal health plan for the US. Much of that debate has swirled around a number of issues that concern women, including pregnancy prevention and medical care during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Prevention

Before discussing prenatal care, one cannot ignore the millions of dollars a year that insurance companies are being forced to pay for contraceptive pills. Now, I agree to some point that it may be pennies compared to the cost of prenatal and then baby care for an unwanted child.  But since there is a perfectly natural way to prevent pregnancy known as abstinence, I tend to think that if a woman has no self control the government should not be paying for it and neither should we.


Even some employers who kick in for health insurance premiums are beginning to enforce their right to know the purpose for a birth control pill. Since they are the ones paying for it, than they have the right to ask.

Prenatal Care

I do now that it has become customary for a pregnant woman to see her doctor at least once a month, and have a number of tests done along the way, but I fail to understand why so much. 50 years ago women went once, were told they had a bun in the oven and didn’t see the doctor again until the bun was fully baked. And people still turned out fine. I fail to understand all of this medical intervention for such a natural process.

Let’s put aside the sheer number of visits for a second and talk about some of the testing that is done. Especially the ultrasound of the baby. How necessary is this? It is my humble opinion that unless it is medically necessary, there is no need for a sonogram.

The average price for a simple, 2D sonogram for a pregnancy is at around $300. That is a lot of money being flushed just so a couple can now the gender of the baby beforehand. And it is not as if the test should be that expensive. Everything is already there. The largest contributing factor to the high cost of an ultrasound comes from how much an ultrasound technician is being paid.

Compared with other medical professionals with similar education expectations as an ultrasound technician, they are among the top paid in the industry. Ultrasound school is not that costly, but yet the graduates are able to charge a large amount of money for each scan. Why? Because there is a large number of pregnant women who would love to have a first glimpse of her baby. It has become the norm now in prenatal care, rather than the exception for when the doctor thinks something is wrong.

American people need to start examining these things closely to see exactly what it is that their tax dollars are paying for. While you may think Obama Care is the answer to everything, think again. We are paying way to much out of our pockets for pills and procedures that are of a personal choice.

Are Air Rifles Dangerous? Should Government Ban the Use of them?

Air rifles are weapons which replicate the look of real weapons. Designed for collectors, the players of war games, sport shooting and hunting – air rifles can be found in spring powered, gas powered and battery operated power formats. Air rifles are not considered as firearms in most state because it is far harmless compared to the real counterparts.

Are Air Rifles Dangerous?

Air Rifle PoliciesA word of caution at this point, although air rifles are relatively less dangerous than their counterparts, they too can be dangerous if used at close distance, hence extreme caution should be exercised while using them. Furthermore pellet guns used for hunting have a high muzzle velocity and the pellets used have deeper penetrating capacity making them quite dangerous. But with a bit of caution and a lot of care, anyone can use these air rifles to have fun and have a great adventure. Come to think of it, it is not the air rifle or any weapon for that matter that causes danger, it is typically harmless. The danger lies with the user. An air rifle used for the right reasons and the right venue can harm no one – but when used for any wrong reasons, they can be detrimental to anyone.

Should Government Ban or Control Air Rifles instead?

Many people criticize the use of air rifles because they look real. The realism is important when discussing whether the government should ban this kind of weapons. Using air rifles beyond its specific use have serious repercussions. However, some countries allow air rifles as long as it is within the one joule limit. According to their firearm law, an air rifle over the one joule limit can penetrate an eyeball and it potentially dangerous. So if you ask me if the government should ban the use of air rifles? I would say no. The government should not ban air rifles because it hinders human rights to be free to engage in activities for entertainment, training and learning. The government should instead control the use of air rifles by creating laws that will require a person to undergo trainings and seminars on how to properly use an air rifle, proper shooting etiquette and the like before obtaining a permit to purchase and own an air rifle. Moreover, a psychological and emotional examination should be taken to further assess if a person is mentally and emotionally stable to handle and use an air rifle or any firearm for that matter. The government should also partake in providing venues that will allow the use of air rifles for recreational and training purposes. These are some suggestions that a government can do rather than banning the use of air rifles.

Like what I have stated in the previous paragraph, an air rifle or any firearm is harmless, what make it potentially dangerous are the users of these weapons. It is not just the government’s responsibility to prevent the dangers and hazards of any weapon bring, but the primary responsibility lies with the users.

Should Dental Care Be a Part of a Universal Health Care Plan?

Healthcare has been a hot topic for years, especially once plans for Obamacare became well known. While there was a strong force against the initiative, it still pushed through, and now the United States has a form of universal health care, much like our neighbor to the north does.

But how far should this go? While I don’t believe that a man having a heart attack should be turned away from a hospital for lack of health insurance, I also don’t think we should have to pay for the results of others bad lifestyle choices. This gets even worse when you start dental work into the mix.

How Important is Dental Health?

Advocates for a dental plan for all of the US talk about how the mouth is just as important as the heart and lungs and that the government should provide financial assistance for protecting it. In my opinion, the state of your teeth is a direct reflection of how you take care of yourself.

It may not be a bad idea to try and use that money instead to help prevent dental problems early on, much like was done with childhood obesity.

I agree that good dental health is important. An untreated cavity can quickly turn into an infection that will invade the entire body. In the end, we end up paying even more for the subsequent medical care.

Preventive Care

I believe that the better way to provide dental care across the board is first through education. This can start at the elementary school level with field trips from dentists to talk to students about how to care for their teeth.

This program can extend into the high school years and grow more sophisticated as the students do. Dentists can conduct programs on oral hygiene and the proper ways to brush and floss. With the money saved by not having a dental care program that pays for bridges and crowns, the government can equip these students with the tools they need. Electric toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste and even water flossers like the Waterpik Aquarius could be given to the students as an incentive to take better care of their teeth.


Preventive Help For All

Education and free electric toothbrushes doesn’t have to stop at the schools. These can be given out to under privileged individuals who otherwise may have to skip a new toothbrush or toothpaste to feed their family. Dentists may not like this idea very much, but our tax dollars sure will.

There needs to be a better solution than the government always paying the bill since ultimately that trickles down to us. Instead of offering a program that lets people ignore their teeth at no cost to them why not use that money to prevent the tooth problems in the first place?

Watson’s Writings: Antiques and Decorating

What you might not know is that I have a knack for certain things outside politics. Oh yes, it’s true!

As hard as that is to believe, I wanted to give you all an insight into my mind so that you may a) learn more about who I am and b) perhaps learn something interesting about some aspect of life and culture that you might not otherwise have been exposed to.


Antiques are not just for collectors. Bored by the old standbys home owners are beginning to look towards antiques as a way to add simple elegance to the spaces in their home. Check out the forgotten items in moms attic, or better yet start shopping at thrift stores and garage sales to find decorative items to your home that look great and have a great history.

Kitchen Antiques

The kitchen is a great place to start to decorate your home with antiques. One of my favorites are those bright orange copper utensils that used to be so popular. They create a great focal point when used as a wall display. Another good idea is mixed matched antique china plate ware. This can also be used on a wall, or displayed on a shelf.

For your counter tops you can find beautiful and unique canisters that not only look good but are functional. Don’t worry about finding a complete set, mismatched decorating adds a whimsical charm to the kitchen.


The bathroom is another place where antique collectibles can be put on display. A vintage beard trimmer displayed on a unique hand held mirror takes one back in time (much different but more aesthetically pleasing than what you see today, even over at BeardInstitute.com). Similarly old shaving utensils like straight razors, soap, and soap brush make for a manly look – and who knows, you might actually want to be using them! Lots of men are turning to the past to get the best look possible. You can also find combs and brushes to complete the set. Countertops may also be dressed up with old perfume bottles.

For the walls look for simplistic antique pictures that go with the color scheme of the bathroom. If it is muted, use bright antique prints with large solid colored images. If your bathroom is already brightly painted, try the opposite effect with antique black and white prints.

Living Room

In your living room, or as they say in the antique world the parlour, you can really display your own personal style and use items that stimulate conversation. Some enthusiasts may go all out and use a combination of antique furniture pieces. You don’t have to make that big of an investment to get the sophistication of decorating with antiques.

Thrift stores and boutiques are loaded with antique bric-brac that can brighten up any living space. Candle stick holders, vases, and printed throw pillows are just a few of the ways you can put your love for the vintage on the display.


Using antiques in the bedroom can create a romantic space that is irresistible. Antique bed side tables, lamps and oil prints will all transform your bedroom into a luxurious hide away built for romance. Take your time in picking the perfect accessories that reflect your own personality while inciting relaxation.

There is so much more to antiques than just buying and selling them for profit, or tucking them away in the cellar. Use the items that you love as display pieces in your home to create a unique space of sophistication and warmth.